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Discover the charm and unique features of Miyako Island, a hidden gem in Japan's Okinawa prefecture. From pristine beaches to mouth-watering cuisine, there's something for everyone on this island paradise.



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Miyakojima map
Miyakojima map

About This Website

Welcome to the Miyako Trip website.
Here, we take pride in meticulously introducing the allure and tourist information of Miyakojima, a paradise Japan proudly presents, to our international visitors.
Miyakojima is surrounded by a beautiful azure sea, where you can engage in various marine sports and enjoy relaxing moments on its white sandy beaches.
In addition, it is home to numerous restaurants offering delicious local cuisine, as well as many tourist spots that give a feel of the island's rich culture and history.

On this website, out of the myriad tourist spots in Miyakojima, we provide information tailored to your interests, including the best places and activities for an unforgettable experience, restaurants that offer delicious meals, and shops where you can find charming souvenirs unique to Japan.
We hope that your trip to Miyakojima becomes a lifelong memory. We encourage you to visit the spots and shops introduced on our website.
We hope that you will immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Miyakojima, and wish for your journey to be filled with the finest experiences!